Jun. 8th, 2011

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[When the feed flickers on the view is shaky at best. At least, until the SFC is gently placed down on a stable surface. What had once been dark and gloomy was now filled with saddened light, if the costume change was any indication, because two separate things happened during the night.]

[Riku pulled a complete one-eighty; his second class being a sort of white knight- a Paladin. It seemed almost ironic, seeing as-]

...For those that knew her, I thought you should know..... [He pauses, hiding his face from view with the exception of a frown crossing his lips. ...To think he'd been so amused only a couple days ago.] ...Kairi returned home last night.

[As a light disappeared overnight.]

[Riku gives a heavy sigh, pulling himself together for just a while longer. First Sora came, but now their other friend was gone? The one who'd accepted that he still had a long way to go? It stung more than he could say, and it was just too much to take at once.]

Naminé, Caden- She left something for you.

[...The feed ends. Now he has to go calm down. But before it fades out completely, there's a slight change to his stats:

limitless_land | Level 22
Class: Dark Knight/Paladin
HP: 80% | MP: 20%

...Someone's obviously taken some frustration and other negative emotions out on the quests and pirates.]


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