Nov. 20th, 2011

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[There were many things that Riku had come to expect about life in an undersea bubble. Curses was one of those things. However, what he hadn't expected was one day to have a kitten pounce on his head and claim his hair as a pillow. It takes a few moments, but he sleepily pulls the cat off his head and sits up to realize one thing in particular: ...Everything seems taller. Why does everything seem taller?

That's when he gets a look in the mirror and is taken aback.]

[Today was just full of surprises, it seems. At least he seems to remember being taller...

But he also hadn't expected the SFC to be on, either. It was almost as though the little ball of white fluff had wanted everyone to say 'Look, my pet is younger! Don't his pants look ridiculous?'

Riku mutters under his breath, reaching for it and shutting it off with a rather annoyed look on his face. The cat, however, looks rather smug.

Five minutes later the feed clicks back on, and the cat has seemed fit to perch itself right next to the SFC - if the swishing of a tail over the screen occasionally was any indication. Darn feline...]

How many were unaffected by this latest curse? Or if you have, do you at least have your memories?

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