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Hey. Sorry, but I'm unable to answer right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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[Text at first, voice/video when Riku responds?] BACK DATED TO THE DAY AFTER REP'S ARRIVAL

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I found something interesting yesterday.

[And that's all he's getting.]


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[He blinks at the single sentence for a moment, having just taken a break from practicing the poor trees. ...What?]

...Joshua, what is it.


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Ah-ah, I've got a question, first. Do you have siblings?


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[Dated for this.]

Hey, Knight-errant. Wanna help me save a mermaid?


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Sorry, don't have a Water spell.

[Five seconds later:]

Already out the door.
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Sent at ??:??:??, ??/??/??



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[...What the fu-]

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Sent at ??:??:??, ??/??/??

I fail to believe so.

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Monday - say 3/4am? //And then Riku got his org coat back.

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[Sometime in the early morning, Riku's Org coat shows up up on the door step. Surprisingly, given who had it last, it's been patched up as best it can be, and the stitching isn't that bad, either.

There is also a note with it.
] Consider us even.

[...Silver's handwriting, btw. He's only returning it as you did heal his Magnemite and he dislikes being in another's debt, real or not.]

Tuesday - at the same time //And then Silver gets another surprise.

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[He saw that note, and while he's glad to have his coat back, he can't help but think back on something else...

So Silver can expect a package left at the door of his residence, directly addressed to him, in the handwriting he probably won't recognize.]

Do not open until Christmas.

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[...and inside that giftbox? Silver will find one thing. A peculiar-looking anklet that seems to ward off negative energy.]

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[and then the mun died laughing.

Silver will just stare at it for a while. And then totally wear it under a sock.]


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[When Riku wakes up on the morning of the twenty fifth, he'll find a package waiting for him. A package wrapped in deep purple fabric decorated with yellow stars and tied with a white ribbon. Inside he'll find the keychain for Star Seeker, along with a note:

When you wish upon a star...

Merry Christmas, Riku

Written in Sora's own hand writing.]


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[... 'The King's Key...'

Oh, Sora. He definitely opened it, pocketing the Keychain for later... and will possibly toss over a present at his friend if he's awake when he gets up. If not, it'll be next to him when he awakens: a small package wrapped in blue paper and purple ribbon. Inside, wrapped carefully in what remains of his spare blindfold, is a single Chaos Anklet that looks like it's just a little older, and probably all the more effective in blocking darkness use. Upon taking it out, a small piece of paper falls out:

'How you perceive your friends depends on the heart.' 'Seeing through the deepest darkness, and the brightest light.' Here are two lessons two friends taught me. I hope what remains is good enough.

Merry Christmas, 'Santa's helper.'


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[Oh, he's awake alright. In fact, he never went to sleep last night. Someone had to keep an eye on you and make sure didn't disappear again.

So where is he? He's in the kitchen, standing in front of the stove, a bowl filled with batter next to him. Yeah, yeah, he knows he's not allowed in the kitchen unless you're there, but he's taken care of himself just fine these past couple of days, thankyouverymuch. Luckily he had just taken a couple of pancakes out of the pan and slid them onto a plate when the package came flying at him.

And he catches it happily, a giant smile plastered over his face as he sets it on the counter and gets to opening it. And stands there for a moment, just staring.

And then, out of no where, he takes the paper, crumbles it up, and tosses it directly at Riku's head.]
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Hey Riku. Can I ask you something?
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[How does I srs this question.]

So your friends from your world... are you guys just friends or is there something else?


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[What's up, Riku? Know how normally Sora always uses video or voice? Well today he's subjecting you to his hideous typing. Why? Because someone decided to give a certain dog a bath. And it went oh so well.

As in the guest bathroom is now totally destroyed. Sorry about that.]

hey. can u brng home sum paper towls?
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[Look, okay, have you seen the size of these keyboards lately? It's a miracle he can type on them at all.]

i was trying 2 gve shou a bath.

[Yup, that's all the explanation you're going to get, Riku.]

text; 1/2

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[Hey. Hey Riku.]

[There is a package on your doorstep.]

[It has cookies. And a note.]

[The note just says "♥".]

[What do. :D]

[wonderful. :D] [also text]

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Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?

I'd cook for you but I don't want to explode the kitchen.


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