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Fourth ★ [Action]

[It wasn't like it was anything different, seeing a cloaked figure walking around the upside-down fishbowl. He was headed toward the park once more, oblivious to what was going on around him other than the hearts around him.

The ignorance also extended to the bubble behind him, which he was blissfully unaware of courtesy of not being able to even see it. And what is it that can be seen?

His two friends on the beach, laughing like they had no care in the world and a younger him chuckling beside them. That is, before it fades away in a black swirl that morphs into something entirely different. Just one wish. It switches to a scene he wishes could be: being able to look his friends in the eye--no blindfold. Such was his life all thanks to his own choices that led him into the sorry state he found himself in.]

...this is another one of those stepping on mine moments, huh?

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[What does the heart of a shinigami feels like?

Don't mind derp decked out in his work uniform with his hair all neatly slicked back watching the bubble.]

You look just like your little brother.

...yes, yes it is.

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[Blink. Blink... "Little brother?"]

...You mean Caden?

[Yep! Still oblivious to the whole bubble thing as he turns around. Congrats, now it's showing the two meeting in Castle Oblivion before he abruptly shoves that thought from his mind.]

I will start the hopping /o.

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[Tsuzuki has acquired Miniku's name. He seems happy by that. ]

Yeah. Unless you have other siblings?

[Distracted for a moment by the new channel to his bubble. Pause. Hmmm...]

...What's your favorite color?

Good. B)

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[Good for him. He just found out about it a few days ago. And... how to-

"...I don't have any." Oh, the blissfully unaware emo kid. Oh well~

Then that color. ...That was a little odd. Yellow.]

...Why do you ask?

Re: Good. B)

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Just testing something. [Grinning like a goof he was. He already figured about his own bubble after gaining a headache way earlier. Time to clue in the kidlet because of pedo creeps.]

Yellow is a nice color.

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[He sees the bubble next to his head─]


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[...Son of a- DISNEY CONTRACT.]


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[He grinned before reaching over to give Riku an affectionate hair ruffle. He likes those, right?

Tsu's own mood bubble was simple. ]

*takes a bow*

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[Yes, yes he does like them, but asjdsadlfhjak whhhhhy-?

Stupid bubble. At least his own now looked like a yellow heart. ...He needed to teach his how to ". . ."]

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Good news. You can touch them so covering them up wouldn't be an issue.

[His bubble was showing a blanket covering a bubble and a chibified version of Tsuzuki giving the victory sign.]

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Funny. I was thinking of- [And his bubble reads: . . .]

...Yeah. Making it say that all week.

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Good luck with that. [Pause a moment before he grinned. Uh oh Riku. If you pay attention to Tsuzuki's bubble? It'll just show the emote ">3" before changing up to blank.]

You should come visit Kairi some time.

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[Now now, Tsuzuki. Don't be mean to the blind kid. Either way, his bubble? It's showing a brief glance of the two talking when she first woke up before going right back to . . .]

Oh, god, RIKU. ;A; ...I already have too many threads with you, but I can't resist.

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[Why is she running into him so much?

She's kind of ready to avoid him for a while, but no such luck, apparently.

Briefly, Xion debates turning right around and walking in the other direction, but then she sees that...weird bubble hanging over his head. To be honest, she hadn't even noticed she had one yet; she'd just been seeing people with strange things hovering over them that sometimes had images or words.

She pauses as she watches the progression of the thoughts -- Sora and Kairi, and a younger Riku. They looked like how she'd seen them in her Sora's memories. Then she sees Riku, older, wtihout the blindfold, and she realizes that she's never understood why he wears that. She'd always wondered if he could even see out of it (and been a little miffed when she'd found herself beaten by someone wearing a blindfold), but she'd never thought to ask him.

After a bit more hesitation, she approaches Riku.

Um...hi. [Awkward turtllllle.]
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It's fine, still need to talk to Kari about how he and Axel met. xD

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[Just lucky, one guesses?

Either way, he notices her presence, but doesn't comment on it. Verbally, at least. For some reason the bubble changes to show both of them talking in Twilight Town, but as luck would have it there are no dialogue. It's soon to fade, though.

...Awkward turtle, indeed.]
Hey, Xion.

["...What is it?"]

XDDD No worries.

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[Xion's eyes follow the bubble, and she blinks at it. She...doesn't remember that. It must have been later.]

I just...saw you and Sora, and Kairi.

[She pauses, then shakes her head.]

I'm sorry, I shouldn't be looking at that. It's private.


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[It was. The last memory he has of her before this place, actually. ...Ah, the bubble. Right. He... really needs to learn to control his thoughts, doesn't he.]

It's alright; not like I hide it very well in the first place.

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You shouldn't have to. It's this...curse. [Thoughts are usually supposed to be your own, after all.]

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["Xion, it's fine," is floating in the bubble. Because honestly? He thinks the dinos were worse.]

I'm not really that bothered by it.

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Really? [She blinks at him, a little surprised.] You don't mind if people see?

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These thoughts, no. Though there are a few things I would mind.

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[She nods; she understands that, at least. Unfortunately, she's not that good at hiding her own thoughts, as she's learned from this little curse.]

You haven't had that problem yet, though?

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[He's had practice with disguising his thoughts, mainly because of having to safeguard himself from Xehanort's Heartless. It was a little ridiculous, but still- Oh dammit, there was an image of "Ansem" in his bubble only to be quickly blurred out and obscured.]


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[Xion automatically looks at the bubble, then back at Riku.

'Who's that?'

She doesn't want to ask it aloud, but she can't help that it's reflected in her bubble.

I guess that's lucky.

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[The thought's immediate- he can't stop it.

'Xemnas's Heartless.'

And a part of me... is censored out as a a testament to his willpower.]

I guess. [A faint smile tugs at the corner of his lips.] What about you? Have any trouble with them?

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Not...yet. [She's just worried she will.

'I don't want anyone to find out. Not even Roxas.'

Light, just thinking that feels bad. He's her friend, and Axel knows, but...telling Roxas...

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...Let's hope you never do. [He can see why, but to keep something like that from a friend...

'My lips and mind are sealed.'

It's her choice.]

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Yeah... [She offers him a little smile. She does intend to tell Roxas, but...she just...hasn't figured it out for herself yet. She wants to really come to terms with it before sharing it with him.

'Thank you.'
] are you?

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[He won't argue that point. That is, after all, the best option for everyone. If she's come to terms with it, then maybe it will be easier for Roxas to accept as well.

'No problem.']
I'm alright. What about you?

[How is she holding up after that information dump...? Something similar would have been said in his thoughts, but he managed to censor it out.]