limitless_land: (★ I'll miss you...)
Riku ([personal profile] limitless_land) wrote2011-05-08 02:20 pm

Fourth ★ [Action]

[It wasn't like it was anything different, seeing a cloaked figure walking around the upside-down fishbowl. He was headed toward the park once more, oblivious to what was going on around him other than the hearts around him.

The ignorance also extended to the bubble behind him, which he was blissfully unaware of courtesy of not being able to even see it. And what is it that can be seen?

His two friends on the beach, laughing like they had no care in the world and a younger him chuckling beside them. That is, before it fades away in a black swirl that morphs into something entirely different. Just one wish. It switches to a scene he wishes could be: being able to look his friends in the eye--no blindfold. Such was his life all thanks to his own choices that led him into the sorry state he found himself in.]

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