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Sixth ★ [Video]

[When the feed flickers on the view is shaky at best. At least, until the SFC is gently placed down on a stable surface. What had once been dark and gloomy was now filled with saddened light, if the costume change was any indication, because two separate things happened during the night.]

[Riku pulled a complete one-eighty; his second class being a sort of white knight- a Paladin. It seemed almost ironic, seeing as-]

...For those that knew her, I thought you should know..... [He pauses, hiding his face from view with the exception of a frown crossing his lips. ...To think he'd been so amused only a couple days ago.] ...Kairi returned home last night.

[As a light disappeared overnight.]

[Riku gives a heavy sigh, pulling himself together for just a while longer. First Sora came, but now their other friend was gone? The one who'd accepted that he still had a long way to go? It stung more than he could say, and it was just too much to take at once.]

Naminé, Caden- She left something for you.

[...The feed ends. Now he has to go calm down. But before it fades out completely, there's a slight change to his stats:

limitless_land | Level 22
Class: Dark Knight/Paladin
HP: 80% | MP: 20%

...Someone's obviously taken some frustration and other negative emotions out on the quests and pirates.]


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[ Ninja appears outta nowhere with coffee. ]

Yeah, I figured she went home. Want to talk about it?


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[ ...The one time the roles are reversed, Kitty. The one time... Yes, he did jump a bit. And yes, he was missing his keen sense of smell right about now.]

...There's not much to say.


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[ So that's why Bayonetta gets a kick out of popping outta nowhere! But he can't help it. Dratted job class. ]

Well... she's safe back home... that's one consolation, right?


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[P-probably. Dang it, Cheshire Luka. :| ]

...Yeah. You're right. [...He just wanted a chance to say 'thanks,' though.]


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Don't worry... When you get back, you can tell her about everything that happened, right?

[ Hand on head. One pat. ]

Hang in there, Riku.


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A friend of yours?


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[A faint nod.] One of my best friends.


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Good for her, I'm glad she made it home safely. Hopefully you'll be soon to follow!


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I somehow doubt that. This place... seems to enjoy tormenting others.


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Yeah, I kinda got the gist of that from the last two curses we had. [headscratch] Still, the journey will only feel even longer if ya let thoughts like that get ya down.


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[Action forever] Ririiiiiii ;;

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[He saw the video, and indulges his urge to take a walk. Joshua will never admit that he's actively looking for Riku, no, that's preposterous. Although, he won't say no to level grinding with the other boy, if only to make sure he didn't get himself killed.

They'll get some ice cream afterward.

Eventually, Joshua is where Riku is.]

Would you like a hand?

[Action forever] Big brooooo ;; /grabby hands

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[He'd stopped searching for enemies within the forest, and by the time he did, plenty of them showed up. When he hears Joshua's voice, though, he pauses.

The bluffing seems to come as second nature, lately.]

Don't know. Think you can keep up?

Lil broooo >: /cuddles I'm so behind on my tags. DX

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[Have a sweet, totally innocent smile.]

Is that a challenge, Riku?

{OOC: Mostly because in another game there's a big event going on, too. @@;}

;__; /clings to It's okaaaay

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[Half a halfhearted smirk back.]

It just might be.

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...Come on by the lake you guys tossed me in, dude.

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[..He doesn't respond at all, instead just... wandering the city for a while as he thought and tried to clear his mind. Yet every time he tried, the memory of that one conversation they had kept coming to the forefront.

'I feel like the blindfold is keeping something in you away...'

Why was it that part that kept coming back?

Of course, it's not even half an hour before he finds himself at said lake. He just... sits at the edge, to where his feet are just barely getting dampened by the water.]

[Told you he wouldn't let Axel dump you into a fountain.]

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[Of course by the time Riku arrives, Demyx is sprawled out on his back across a broken tree hanging halfway into the water, various pieces of jewelry and coins scattered across his belly which he's currently sorting out. Golds, silvers, and copper each have their own little piles while junk is being dropped onto the ground. It's amazing what people lose in the water.]

Sixteen, seventeen--hey, dude--eighteen...

[A quiet scoff and he pushes everything into a brown satchel and slings it over his shoulder, moving to prop himself up on his elbows to shoot a small grin towards Riku.]

You look pretty blue.

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[It really is, but hey. It isn't like he's the type to keep jewelry just one gold locket no one know about okay? Okay.]

Funny. I was thinking a shade of yellow.

[Yeah, that was a half-assed attempt to bluff, but he ends up shrugging it off.]

...It's been a long day.

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Tell me about it.

[Sitting up and patting the spot next to him on the log.]

C'mere 'n talk, dude. I've got a good pair of ears.

[Video] 1/2

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[She says it like she doesn't quite believe it. Her Other is gone. Again. Her eyes look towards the ground, as if to find the answers there.]


[Video] 2/2

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And she left something for me?

[A long pause.]

...Where are you?


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[He just nods for a moment, pausing before he speaks.]

Yeah. She did.

I'm at her place right now. [And... directions sent.]

[Video]--> [action!]

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I'm coming over right now.

[And sooner or later, there's a knock at the door.]


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Holler if you need a sparring partner to blow off some steam.

[That's Axelese for 'I feel your pain; sorry to hear it.']

[text] i c wat u did thar--

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...The park in ten. Have a puppy to drop off.

[That's Rikuese for '...It happens, but still sucks.']