limitless_land: (★ Nothing ever goes the way it should)
Riku ([personal profile] limitless_land) wrote2011-06-25 11:44 pm

Seventh ★ [Video] - Forward dated to Sunday, 1:30am

[He's been quiet for a while, and he was still drying off again from coming back when a mask appeared on his face in place of his blindfold. Though, that didn't worry him have as much as what he'd just seen...]

...I go "home" for a while and things go to hell again? Figures.

[Private to Isa, Demyx and Axel]

Is everything alright on your ends?

[Rikuese for 'What the hell happened to Lea and I hope this is only going to last a week.']

[Private to Sora]

[He's quiet on the line for a while, staring at the names on the residency. But... he has to hear and see it for himself instead of just relying on names in the screen.]

...Sora? Are you still here?

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