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Ninth ★ [Video]

[Once again the feed is a bit shaky once it begins, but soon it evens out to show moving trees before it's finally set down on some smooth surface--a rock?]

Sora went home. [The matter of fact tone can't hide the sadness in his voice. Yet another one of his friends, gone. While he's relieved to know for a fact that his best friend does indeed wake up from his nearly a year long slumber, he can't quite shake the wish to be there with him, able to talk to him and Kairi... to see them with his own eyes. To be at peace again and regain what was lost...

Guess it's just a distant dream for now.]
Just thought you should know, if you didn't take a look at the residency list.

[The feed ends without even showing his face, but he'll be walking around the park and middle district like a zombie, maybe even practicing a few swings and allowing a few dark spells to be used. The question remains the same: Dare you approach?]

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[A beat.]

...You okay, dude?

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[He sighs.]

I'm fine.

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...Dude, y'know I'm not gonna buy that. You saw how messed up I was when the old man disappeared... You and Sora were best pals too, right?

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... [Okay, deep breaths Riku. Remember the anger management- Demyx is a friend.]

Yeah. We are. [Were? He seemed to be forgiving of what he'd done before... for trusting the dark whispers instead of their friendship. Succumbing to it, letting Ansem take over... Or at least... didn't even mention it aside from the comment about his attire. Thanks to that, he wasn't about to think that they weren't.]

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Maybe he'll be back someday. I mean... If Xigbar can come back, Sora can too.

[He pauses, reaching off-screen to grab Xigbar's scarf.] See this? M'keeping this 'til I see him again. I'm not just gonna push everything to the back of my mind cuz he's gone--I tried doing that and I broke down crying in the street when Lea confronted me 'bout it.

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[When Demyx holds up the scarf, however, Riku has to lift the blindfold a bit so he can see it clearly. ...Wow, is that dorky, but he gets it.]

It never does work, only puts off the inevitable. [He learned that lesson the hard way in a different manner.] ...I'm just not sure what to feel right now.


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[Because like hell he's bothering you over the SFC.

He appears and stands off to the side, leaning against a light-pole or something. He'd felt it too, but was hoping it was only temporary. A glitch. Something. Even though he wasn't friends with Sora - he hadn't remembered Rep at all, only knew that he looked like Riku - there had been a connection. Sora had tried to know 'Caden.' For that reason alone, Rep is sad to know that he's really gone.

He's in casual clothes, with his new camera swung over his back so all it really looks like is a choker from the front. Not saying anything, bro, just gauging the situation.]


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[Just can't bother to call first, can he.

He can sense the other, but at first doesn't acknowledge his presence. Or, at least doesn't seem to until he walks past, giving a halfhearted smirk. Might as well do what both of them did best: bluff and make small talk.]

...Nice camera.


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[Nope, what is privacy. And it is their best shared pastime.

Rep swings the camera around in front of him, looking down at it.]

It's really old. He said it's the best kind, though.


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[Obviously it's something beyond their comprehension.

He stops to get a better look at it, giving a faint nod. The shopkeepers generally have a good idea about which are the best and which are not.]

I can see why. If it's lasted this long it won't break down so easily.


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I'd assumed the newer model was the best. [Smirk, smirk, smirk.]


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The newer has it's perks, true. The older just happens to be more reliable. [Are they even talking about cameras anymore? Because Riku certainly doesn't think so. Remember: In Soviet Vatheon, Mop wipes floor with you.]
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Is that so...

[Nope, definitely not. He looks down at the camera again.]

Consistent, predictable - that certainly makes it easier to handle. And repair, if it gets broken.

[That was a 'hey, I'm still here, bro.' kinda remark. What is communication :| ]


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[He pauses, as if contemplating something.]

Though, I think the store owner may be wrong in this case.

[Riku lightly taps the camera.] It may be consistent, but it doesn't make it any easier to repair if the parts are no longer made. There's drawbacks to everything, and I'll admit the new has a few things the old could never dream of.

[Something they both suck at. Have a light tap on the chest, bro.] And that doesn't just apply to cameras.


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[He can't help but grin at that.]

Not exactly the kind of strength I wanted, but... [It's not something Riku does, so Rep is - at long last - not imitating him in an effort to do something.] I'll let you know how it turns out.


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[He returns that grin, glad for once since Sora disappeared that something good was happening.]

Nor is mine. [He shrugs though, having come to accept it.] We're rooting for you, Caden. So don't give up. [...this time.]


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Yeah. [A nod.] You too. [And he fades away to get started on his little project.]


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[He just watches, chuckling. Guess he'll find out one day just what kind of photos the kid would take. Maybe one day it will be with his own eyes...]

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[Sora left again...]

I'm sorry, Riku.

... If you ever want to talk, I'll be glad to give you company, when you feel like it.

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[Just has that luck, huh. ...Wait, who is this guy? Caller ID says Red.]

Thanks for the offer. [He just isn't sure what to say to it.]

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[Oh, no... Something feels off. It feels as if—]

Riku... It's been a long time.

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... I take it you knew me from before.

[Just like Demyx, Joshua, and... Tsuzuki. One more presence he couldn't feel anymore.]

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Oh... I'm sorry, I didn't realize...

[... sigh. But it's all right.]

I'm Red.

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It's alright. Nice to meet you again, Red.

[Derps. Apparently he collects them.]

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Yes... It's nice to meet you again, too.

[Red manages a good smile this time.]

Aside from this, I hope that you have been well.

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Aside from the last curse, I have. You?

[Good. Because a frown doesn't suit him.]
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[Oh, Riku. ♥]

I see. I'm glad that you're doing all right, then.

This month hasn't been the best, but things are finally starting to become peaceful again.

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Relatively peaceful, anyway.