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[ profile] vatheon Permissions: Take Two

Alright, I've been putting this off for a while, but now I guess it's time that the questions be updated now that he has a larger range of questions that needs to be told than he did before the reboot. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help in any way I can. All you need to do is ask.

Sensing: In essence, his sense of smell is greater than a normal human being's due to his time in the darkness. Riku can generally sense the difference between light and dark within an individual, along with what can make him different from a normal person. This leads to a three-part question:
a. Can he sense what your character truly is?
b. If so, what are they and can he tell just by a passing 'glance'?
c. What do they smell like? (And for you canine people, "wet dog" doesn't count.)
Darkness: Riku walks the middle road, wielding darkness itself goes without saying at this point. However, he tries to limit his usage of it. Not only can he use it in combat, but he can also use it to travel via Corridors of Darkness.
a. What is your character's tolerance to dark magic?
b. Can he break privacy laws and just teleport to where your character is?
(note: He normally asks first unless the other is being an idiot.)

Alternate Form: Due to being closely "tied" (read: having a shadow parasitically attached to his heart) to Xehanort, he can also take on the form of Terra-Xehanort's Heartless should he remove the blindfold. Doing this gives him every spell and ability the Heartless knows, as well as access to this great brute. He normally only uses this in a serious fight, when he's about to lose as a last ditch effort. My question for you is this:
If the time comes, may he use "Ansem-mode" against your character?

What is "Darkness"?
In Kingdom Hearts canon, Darkness is a force parallel to the Light and also used in the form of attacks and magic. Toying with Darkness is like playing with fire─if not careful, the wielder can be lost to it and become a Heartless. Normally used by the villains and believed to be pure malevolence, it isn't completely evil and is often misunderstood as such. Several friendly characters use it, including Riku and Terra. Using and following where the darkness leads comes at a price, however: those who follow it often lose something of their former selves while gaining a great surge of strength.

...Corridors of Darkness?
Yes. They're hidden passageways used to travel from point A to point B, normally between worlds. It's faster than Gummi Ships, but leaves the user at great risk for being corrupted or destroyed by the Darkness. That said, Rep has never truly used it to traverse worlds─merely as a way to teleport around the same world.

The heck is a Gummi Ship?
...A rocket ship made out of gummi blocks. No, I don't get why gummi bear-material is good for space travel, either.

Enjoy a little coding to answer with:

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