limitless_land: (★ Tied to the Darkness...)
Riku ([personal profile] limitless_land) wrote2011-08-17 11:49 pm
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Tenth ★ [Video]

[It was one of the very few times Riku had gotten any sleep.

It was also the day that zombie fish decided to rise on up from the ground like some sort of twist to song lyrics.

So there is a very disgruntled looking Riku, a couple scrapes crossing his face here and there.]

I'd invite everyone over for an old-fashioned fish fry, but I'm afraid even an islander can't salvage this bunch of rancid meat.

[...Was he kidding? It's hard to tell with that poker face before the feed cuts. H-hopefully that wasn't a flash of gold the viewer saw behind a sliced bit of blindfold.]

[Riku can probably be found in various parts of the city, but whether he appears to be himself or another has yet to be seen.]

[ooc: Due to this event, the possibility that he may have to use another's power is very real. As such, replies may very well come from either here, or [ profile] twilitdisguise ]

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