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Eleventh ★ [Video]

[The SFC shows a white paw batting at the tiny device, small tag glinting and unreadable at the moment. After a moment the kitten finally gets bored and decides that it isn't worthy of staying on its perch. Batting it off the bedside table, the audio clicks on when instead there's a black glove falling off the bed.]

—this life sentence that I'm serving? I admit that I'm every bit deserving...♪

[It's almost in a dead tone as the water runs, possibly from the next room? The male voice doesn't seem to realize that it's being recorded either as he sits up. Pale hands run through silver hair, eyes hidden by cloth. He looks like a mess, yet he keeps muttering the words under his breath, going off-key every now and then.]

Because I've been housing all this doubt and insecurity
And I've been locked inside that house.
All the while you hold the Key.
I've been dying to get out, and that might be the death of me.
And even though there's no way of knowing

[Riku's voice trails off, silent for long while before pulling out the earbuds from his ears with a sigh. The silence lasts a couple moments, before the feline decides that his lap is more comfy than the table. His eyes may not be visible, but the ways his mouth falls before he scratches his ears has to be telling.]

Get up, Kiryu. I have a report to write- ...You little sneak. [Yes, guess who just picked up the SFC and moved to shut it off before pausing.]

... For anyone who knew Joshua. ...He went home.

[The feed ends...|]

[ooc: And the tradition continues...]


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[ And he's leaning right outside, listening in to all this. ]

Yeah. Him and Haruka.

[ A sigh. ]

Dammit. The city did it again.

action forever;

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[Riku looks up, holding the white kitten in his lap. It's like Joshua was trying one final time to tell him to stop wearing all black; it's going to show.]


[What else is there to say to that? Most of the people he's known have left or come back without their memories.]

action til the end of time~

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[ Hand on his shoulder with a sigh. What else could he say? What else was there to say.

But along comes Cereza to break the ice, nuzzling around Riku's feet. ]

The city really knows how to mess with us. But... at least he's home, where he should be, right?

Who knows... maybe they'll be back someday.

action to infinity and beyond~

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[Precious little, that's what. Riku glances down at Cereza, and he gives a faint sound of amusement. He's just an animal magnet today, isn't he.]

Yeah. [He knew something awaited Josh, but... what of Haruka? He couldn't help but worry about her for that reason.

And, bitterly:]
Maybe. Guess all we can do is wait and see.

action until standing at the edge of the earth~

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[ Animals know when tensions are high and there are cuddles needed. ]

That's the thing with the city. It just brings people back then dumps them here and takes them away.

[ A sigh as he gets up. ]

Can't really tell when you'll see em again.

[ But he stops. ]

Sorry for being a damper but y'know, Riku... you can't let the city get to you, okay?

action till hopefully not at Davy Jones' locker. Not a good climate this time of year...

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[Which is almost 24/7 with this emo kid, I mean—]

Guess you're right.

[That's the beauty of his world, though; it's more than likely he'll to see them again even if I go back. Memories or not. It's a small thread of hope, and a long shot, but it's possible.]

Don't worry about it; it just...

[His voice trails as he tosses a black and white pin up into the air before catching it.]

...Wish he'd been a bit more original. ['And why a cat, of all things?']


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[And here's a nice little profile of Demyx just staring up at the ceiling from his bed, his Eevee curled up on his stomach and the cat nestled in the crook of his elbow. Yeah, this is what he does when he's in a thinking mood.]

...It never gets any easier, does it?


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[Yeah... he's going to flop back on the bed with a kitten pawing at his chest, getting little white hairs all over his shirt. Makes sense to him.]

You're right. It really doesn't. [Josh was like a brother, and only getting a kitten that had an affinity to be just as in-your-face and annoying? Okay, he'll kind of admit it was funny but he thought it would have been easier to get through this sort of thing by now... Nope, still like a Keyblade to the chest.]
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...On one hand, it's good to know that those who have somewhere to go back to can be with their friends 'n stuff again. You gotta be happy for 'em there.

[And he pauses, his brows furrowing while he reaches down to lightly rub Athena behind one long ear.]

But on the other hand, you can't help but be sad cuz you lose a friend. Then there's always the chance that they don't have anything to go back to. But those kind of reactions--It's human, right?


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Mm. [He's silent for a while, nodding faintly. While he is glad that they're home now, he... can't help but be jealous as well.] Human. Right.

[Yet he doesn't sound as sure, lying there where most of what he sees is either black or behind a veil. He knows Demyx is trying to help like every other time—really, he does. Yet all he feels is numb outside of the envy that makes him sick to his stomach.]

Just wish we could get the chance to say "goodbye," you know?

Re: video;

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'Course I know. ...I still wish I could've said 'goodbye' to Xigbar--I know what happens to him and I hate it. He made me feel like I was Somebody instead of just a Nobody, y'know? He really meant a lot to me 'n to think I didn't even say goodnight the day before he disappeared--And then Isa disappeared and he comes back about a week or two later and he doesn't even remember me?

[He laughs almost bitterly and he tears his gaze from the ceiling to stare over at the fish tank in the corner of his room. What he wouldn't give to really feel numb right about now.]

Trust me, I know.


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[His voice trails off, before he glances toward the SFC. He hadn't heard that Isa had come back, and without memories, no less... He could relate far too well. If Sora awakened, he probably wouldn't even remember him with the state he's in now—in Riku's time. It was hard just remembering some details right now, aside from what he's seen and the face of his friend there, floating in a peaceful sleep...]

Cliche as it sounds, I'm... sorry. [It takes a lot for him to say that much. Be glad he could get out those few words.]

Re: video;

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Please, I live for cliches ...The real fact of the matter is he came back. A lot of people are, now that I think about it. Zexion, Stein and Red came back, too.

[A beat.]

Josh can come back in the future too, just like everyone else. ...Even you came back. When stuff like this happens, dude? That's what keeps me going. I'll sulk around for a bit, but eventually I'll take that sad song and make it better. Punch a pillow, sing a song, everybody's gotta get along in this city or things'll start turning out [Cough.] shitty.
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[Yeah, his expression sours at the first name. No love is lost between him and that particular Schemer.]

Just younger and with less memories, right? [And... he can't help it. At the mention of the first two options.] ...I think Kiryu here made it obvious that I did the second.


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You were so clueless when you came back, man.

[And then he nods.] Yep. I'm still a little bummed out you don't remember our little Queen session, but we can fix that sometime.


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I wasn't that bad.

[wait.] ...Queen session? [Okay, yeah. You caught his interest.]


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You weren't as bad as Roxas when he first joined the Organization, at least. He was like a zombie.

[Oh. Now look at that sly grin creeping up.] Yep. Queen. You 'n me.


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A zombie, huh. Well, I guess that makes sense with how Sora was revived so soon—

[... Lineface. Forever.] ...Were we high?

Re: video;

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He didn't really pick up on things for about a week or so.


And then he laughs.]
Oh man, if only!


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At least he did at some point. Otherwise he'd be more hopeless than Sora without his friends.

[Whether he still deserved being called one of them or not...

Okay, he has to smirk a bit at that.]
It would have been even worse, huh.


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Axel was his babysitter most of the time, so... That was a plus.

Hey, it could've been even cooler.


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At least someone kept him from staring at a wall all day, right?

How would it be even "cooler"?


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Hey, I could've done that.

Use your imagination, man!


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...Actually not singing off-key?

Re: video;

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Or just... Y'know. Having more fun.


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That's possible without being high, though.

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[This probably isn't the best time to be asking stupid questions, but...

He can't help it. It's bothering him.]

I'm sorry about your friend...

[...] Um, if may I ask—

How did that happen? I've been told upon arrival that no one knows of a way to leave.

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At least he's home, now.

[He sort of recognizes him, yet at the same time if he was asking...

He probably doesn't remember. Just like Isa, like Kairi... Hell, like himself. He'll just pet the kitten on his lap, shaking his head.]

I'm not certain how. I barely remember how I left myself, once. All I know is that I woke up with an urge to visit the Lamufao, and I was home with little recollection of this city.

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[He's a little envious of that person. But at the same time, he's glad to be "back" here. It seems that he has unfinished business in this place... Or at least, the "past him" did.]

You couldn't remember this place, either?

I've been told that I've been here before, yet... I don't remember at all.

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[He can be sympathetic of that, at least. He has unfinished business both here and back home; thus it's a bit maddening. Just like that blasted heartbeat he's been trying to drown out for weeks, now.]

No, I couldn't and it isn't that uncommon, either.

When we leave then return, there's a fifty-fifty chance of us either remembering or forgetting once we return. Events unfold just like they're supposed to back home, and nothing seems to change at all.

People have said the same to me when I first came here, but apparently... they met my future. Those in charge have a strange sense of humor.

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That's what they meant by it happening often, then...

[But what was the point of that? Sending people back and forth? Ridding of their memories, too...]

I'm sorry for the question. Thank you, though.

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[He doesn't have a clue, but he does know that it's annoying as hell—to say the least.]

Don't mention it. We've all been new here, regardless of how often.

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... I'm starting to get it now.

[No wonder so many people hate this place.]

It's nice to meet you, by the way... I'm Red.

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[Yeah, this kind of thing just speaks for itself. However, he still stays neutral on this place.]

Riku. Nice to meet you too, Red.


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[A short pause.]

I hope I am not disturbing you. I'm... trying to figure this thing out. [He could probably hear the soft tinkering of her SFC over the audio.]

I'm not sure if you can see me or not.


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[OH SHI-] ...Aqua?

[You're saying this to the person wearing a blindfold, Aqua. Yet it earns a faint snort of amusement. Ah, the blooper reels that could be made from the SFC fails...]

If you want video, press the small button next to the one you tried for just audio.

audio --> video;

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Ah... [There's some shuffling of fingers until her feed clicks on and switches from audio to video.]

There! Oh? [She blinks at him and notices that he had his blindfold... In hindsight, asking whether he could see her was a little silly. Good job, Aqua.]

Yes... well.

You said.. someone went home? I didn't know that was possible.


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Congrats. [Hey, it got him to smile a bit at least? It was something Sora probably would have done, too... Bonus points for that.]

It isn't by choice; going home. If it were, I wouldn't be here right now. [A pause.] Not to sound cold; I'm just needed back there.

... Sometimes they get the time to say goodbye, sometimes they don't.


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No... I understand. [She probably would have said the same thing. Aqua had to get back to Terra and Ven. Yet it got her thinking... Would she return to her own home? Or would the Lamufao drop her back into the darkness? The thought made her shudder but she pushed it back, not wanting to think about the possibility.]

Hmm... [She was silent, her head lowered as it rested on her folded forearms. Deep in thought, her words were carefully picked out before she spoke again.]

Were you close to him?


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Hm. [...That would actually have been a question he could answer, having been through that once before. Still, he gave a faint nod. Yet he had to wonder, just what would be left of him after he returned home? He considered being pulled here when he was both a blessing and a curse. He got to see through the veil of darkness that his friend would awaken, and that whatever efforts he would make wouldn't be for naught this time.

But would it all really be worth it in the end?

The question pulled him back into the present, along with a mewling kitten sitting on his left hand. ...Silly cat.]

...He was my neighbor, and one of my few friends here. [And judging by his personality, it's probably pretty hard for him to make friends just like that. Joshua practically latched onto him like a leech.]


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[Aqua did not respond immediately. She watched him with a careful gaze to try and read his expressions. Rather difficult when his eyes are covered by that blindfold. But she could hear it in his words that Joshua's leaving hurt him more than he would say. And as withdrawn as he was, she could only guess how hard it was for him to open up to others...]

He'll always be a part of your memories and your heart.

[Her eyes shifted, staring at something ( that was off-screen.]

... sometimes you feel lost without their presence. But you've made a connection with him and nothing will break that bond. It's yours to hold on to.

[Her gaze continues to linger on whatever is on her desk before they return to Riku, a gentleness accompanied with a hint of sadness.]


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[He waited in silence, lightly tapping a pen against the pages just outside of view. At least, that was all it would be on the surface. In reality, his mind was going far too quickly for his pen to keep up so he was sorting his thoughts as he waited...

Then Aqua's words pulled him out of it. Memories... Heart. He knew that far too well, and yet.]

Memories can be a fickle thing. [It's just an off-handed comment, and yet... that faint yet fleeting smile had to tell something. The second sentence, however—

Lost, guilt-ridden, envious, scarred, scared, fearful, blinded—surrounded by the dark and unable to reach the surface, unable to reach the light above him... It's that feeling he knows well from being separated from all he loves, how the bitterness of his own betrayal effects him so even now when back home, he's been doing all he can to atone for it. Yet he knows all too well while he's here...]

They fade, warp and twist as time and external forces manipulate them... yet are the key to how we think and feel; everything anyone is is based off those memories. ...How can something so fragile—something that can be forgotten—be so important and bind us to one another even without our knowing it?

[He's going to mess up yet again. Give it all in one shot to save one more person that deserves the right to live more than he does. Someone who didn't stray and walk the path of darkness. ...and he did it again, didn't he.]

... Sorry. It's just something I've been thinking a lot about since before arriving here.


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... don't apologize, Riku.

[If it wasn't clear before, his words made it certain that he lives with a troubled past... and an uncertain future. Her thoughts immediately turned to the darkness in his heart. What has it done to the young boy she befriended so many years ago? Why does it have such a strong hold in his heart?

Then another boy came to mind. 'Sora.']

Because... they are a promise. A vow to that friendship. No matter how much time has passed nor the forces which test those who are bound to us... once it is made, all you have is the hope of holding on to that promise.

[Despite the blindfold shielding him, she gazed on as if she could see his eyes. An attempt to reach out to his heart with her own.]

There is only one way those memories can be broken.

It's when you lose hope and let them go... in doing so, you lose a part of yourself.

So... never lose hope, Riku.


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[An uncertain future was only part of it... His life was dictated by shadows, whispers ever since he opened that door that appeared after they left. Stepping out of them after once steeping himself so deeply within it was something he had done, but staring into it again and knowing he'll have to plunge again for his friend...


His light had cast the shadows on his heart, but he didn't care. It was the path he'd chosen and the one he'd tread until the forgotten promises were recalled once more. Forgotten promises... It wasn't just on Sora's end, was it. He'd forgotten something important, too.]

A promise...

[He muttered, closing his eyes a brief moment. He tried to look back, recall everything about those two meetings, but everything was so covered in fog and white noise it was giving him a headache. The pounding in his head due to the heartbeat only made it worse.

'Please... just tell me!'

Even with the blindfold and two screens between them—the darkness covering his heart—the connection was met between their eyes.]

... I could never let go. ['Not when I've discarded everything else and reclaimed so much I'd once lost!' It was like a sudden spark in his tone; an almost-forgotten pride returning for the briefest moments.]

Thank you, Aqua. For reminding me of something I can never forget again.

['I know it's out there, somewhere. The strength that I need.'

'—tell me.'