limitless_land: (Annoyed ★ The Darkness behind)
Riku ([personal profile] limitless_land) wrote2011-10-08 02:26 pm
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Twelfth ★ [Video | Filtered from Aqua]

[...A feed during the attack? Seriously? There's only a brief glimpse of gold eyes beneath a hood before the SFC is tilted so only one of the kraken's tentacles can be seen. It takes five seconds before a deep, almost blank voice filters through the darkness.]

What do you do when you've been lost to despair. [A pause as disks of light(?) are tossed at it from behind the speaker.] What is it that you do when you lose sight of the hope you'd kept alive until now and realize that you don't have what it takes to protect others by your own power?

[He's silent for a long while, seemingly focused on dodging the retaliatory actions of the attacked appendage... until a black hand suddenly shoots electric shocks of the same white and pale blue energy at a now writhing mass of flesh.]

Tell me... What does one do with oneself then-?!


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