limitless_land: (Cosplay ✰ I'm waiting to be)
Riku ([personal profile] limitless_land) wrote2011-10-30 05:52 pm

Thirteenth ★ [Voice]

Halloween... That time of year already, huh?

[His voice seems to hitch for a brief moment, but otherwise he doesn't really hint at anything else.]

How many of you celebrate it back in your own worlds?

[Locked to Aqua, Demyx, Kairi, Lea]

A lot of those from our Worlds have left recently. I just wanted to say- [He swallows hard.]

If I disappear next, there's a journal in my room. In it are reports on all that's happened both at home and here. Kairi, Aqua... You both especially deserve to know. As does Sora...


[Locked to Jacob, Mami]

Thanks for helping me to see the Light.

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