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Fourteenth ★ [Video]

[Riku is silent for a long while before he speaks, giving an inaudible sigh as he attempts to control his temper. ...With what recently occurred, it is not an easy task.]

So I was finally able to leave that island, now clear of that ominous fog. I'm... sorry, for what happened, if any of you came across me while I was in that state. Especially since I promised myself and a good friend long ago...

[His voice trails, and he reaches up to remove the blindfold he's wearing. ...There is pain, like he saw this all once before, in those sea-green eyes.]

I won't pretend to know what happened to myself and many others up there, but... I do know one thing: As a member of the Defense Force, I should have done better in protecting all of you and controlling myself, and in this... I failed. My heart was weak because I was alone. If I hurt anyone in that state, I-

[And then all that apologetic nature drops from the face of the bubble to turn into pure outrage. This is something rather too close to home, and since he did just introduce himself as a member of the defense force... Doesn't he have the right to be angry? He feels that he does, and with all that's happened to him... this was all just a kick in the teeth he didn't need.]

I will never forgive those pulling our strings from behind the scenes. My heart's been tampered with enough as it is! I'm sick of it being some sort of play thing for others!

[Just the thought of almost hurting another person he's even vaguely close to...]


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[... He understands the feeling, but... mm.]

Do you want to talk, for me to come over, or to leave you alone?

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[Yeah... he temporarily lost his cool. He'll admit that much, at least.]

I'm at the lake, if you want to visit.

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I'll be there soon.

[He heads out towards the lake, glad to just run and leave his problems behind for a bit. He still can't shake the fear around his heart from what happened, or his headache, but helping others is more important right now.]

[He arrives shortly, slowing his pace and walking towards Riku, white cloak trailing behind him.]



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[He's sitting there at the water's edge, staring out over the water for a long while before Katsu arrives. The headache was the least of his worries. What unsettled him the most was the inability to recall what happened up there. It only happened a few times before, but the one point in time where it stood out the most was...]

[What had happened to that guy, anyway—to Lexaeus?]

[He doesn't get the chance to linger on it long, because he caught scent of his friend shortly before hearing his voice.]

Hey. [Riku pats the ground beside him, tugging the blindfold to make sure it was still tight around his eyes.]


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[He smiles a bit and sits down next to Riku.]

Hey. You... okay? I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to go find you during all of... what happened. I kind of...

[ - was busy feeling guilty over killing a friend, but he can't say that out loud. Not yet.]


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...Don't worry about it. We... didn't really have much control over ourselves back then.

[Yet he's still sitting there, hugging his knees close to his chest like that would stop him from hearing that voice in the back of his head... from his nightmares.]

What about you? I noticed you were stuck up there, too.


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[... S-sigh...]

It... didn't go that well. I kept going on about how I was a demon... how I wasn't human...

And... I ended up killing one of my friends.


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[He automatically looks up, eyes trying to meet Katsu's even under the hidden protection of the cloth and bangs disguising them. The terminologies may be different, but... he can sympathize with that pain far too well. If... If Sora hadn't proven to be the stronger of them, he would have-]

...I almost did the same, before someone snapped me out of it. [Before he beat him] I'm sorry you weren't so lucky.


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It... she'll revive soon here. I just... remember feeling her under my fingers... seeing the life drain out of her... it makes me feel like the most horrible kind of monster.

[He wants to forgive himself, but it hurts. He wasn't in his right mind, but...]

I'm... glad you were mostly okay, though.


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[... Riku places a hand on Katsu's shoulder, trying his best to be comforting... or at the least sympathetic. He knows that feeling, knows it all too well. To be afraid not just of your power, but of yourself and the actions you've taken that have hurt someone you care about in any way.]

No one is ever okay when they go through something like we did.

[If Kairi or someone else had found him instead of Aqua... If Aqua hadn't left the journal he'd left behind in case he ever vanished... Hell, if he hadn't written it in the first place he would have done the very same thing. ...and probably would have been successful. Riku withdraws his hand, staring at both of his own in his lap. To be used like that again was-]

If my friend hadn't proven to be the stronger one, I would have done the same thing. [Sora... Kairi...! 'So, I shall release you now-' 'Forget it! There's no way you're taking Kairi's-!'

Don't you DARE lose, Sora!]

[To be used like that again... was unforgivable.]


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[He knows how that feels. He just... he can't...]

[He reaches over and pulls Riku into a gentle hug. It's too painful to just be on his own. It's scary, and Riku understands...]

[... Even if this is kind of awkward and embarrassing.]


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[Riku, needless to say, is a bit surprised by the sudden hug. Derp, what...

But he slowly hugs back. There had been too much loss, both here and back home, for him to not understand. And when it was partly by his own hand, he couldn't help but sympathize greatly.

... They're in a forest alone; no one else around. Who really cares when it's just an effin' hug.]


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[Slowly, he takes a deep breath, and pulls away, his face kind of red. He hasn't hugged a guy like that except for... well. Naoya. And they were raised as brothers, so... yeah.]

S... sorry.


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[And he's only really hugged Sora and the King, but does a mouse really count? Yes, yes he does.]

... It's alright. [He lets go as well, glad his ears are hidden by his hair. They're probably pink, but it isn't like he can tell in the first place. The second voice was still silent... It's all good.]

...I'm sure your friend'll forgive you, too. I know mine did.
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[He rubs the back of his neck. Mm. Right. That subject.]

She probably will. She's... that kind of person.


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It's almost funny... How people like us attract others like them.

[A faint smile. His friends and so many others are just too good for him, and yet they're still there... It's something he's silently grateful for, even if his eyes can't show it.]

So, how've you been outside of what... happened and the multilimbed visitor? It's been a while since we've met outside of fighting for our lives.

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I've been okay. I've been patrolling with the defense force, which keeps me busy most days. Other than that, I've been... reading a lot.

[He rubs the back of his neck a little, kind of embarrassed.]

Even though my five year old self or whatever would have thought I'm a superhero now, I still like reading those kinds of stories.

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[...Okay, even with the slight awkward and embarrassment, Riku can't help the chuckle that escapes him. The similarities are... striking, to say the least.]

Can't say I blame you. Those kinds of things seem to rarely change. [A smirk, then:] My five year old self dreamed of seeing other worlds some day, and loved the stories I'd hear about them. That still hasn't changed too much, and look.

[He motions to their surroundings.] Here we are.

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Yeah. If there's one thing for this place, it's not lacking for stories. There's too many people here for that.


You knew there were other worlds, even when you were five?

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Fair enough. [He spares another faint nod.]

Yeah. The adults used to tell us stories about this kid who left for good. Wasn't long after one of my best friends came from another world.

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Huh. I... had no idea other worlds were real until the Lockdown happened. They were just stories that you read in books.

[He was having to rethink a lot of those kinds of things...]

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Guess you could say that it was only stories for me until I turned five, too. [A beat] ...Lockdown?

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[... He nods.]

It's where everything changed. The military put up a barrier around one of the main train lines, and demons started appearing in there. They were having a war for the Throne of Bel... I got caught up in it and ended up winning.

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I see. [...Is that why the scent is so similar to his-?]

Can't say I'm that heroic.

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I'm sure you're heroic in your own way. To be honest, I was just stumbling through the whole thing most of the time...

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[Heh.] You sound like my friend, Sora. He was the one fighting the darkness right off the bat. I was their pawn until his sacrifice opened my eyes.

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Sometimes we all need a little push. It's okay.

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Hm. Fair enough.