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Fifteenth ★ [Video]

[There were many things that Riku had come to expect about life in an undersea bubble. Curses was one of those things. However, what he hadn't expected was one day to have a kitten pounce on his head and claim his hair as a pillow. It takes a few moments, but he sleepily pulls the cat off his head and sits up to realize one thing in particular: ...Everything seems taller. Why does everything seem taller?

That's when he gets a look in the mirror and is taken aback.]

[Today was just full of surprises, it seems. At least he seems to remember being taller...

But he also hadn't expected the SFC to be on, either. It was almost as though the little ball of white fluff had wanted everyone to say 'Look, my pet is younger! Don't his pants look ridiculous?'

Riku mutters under his breath, reaching for it and shutting it off with a rather annoyed look on his face. The cat, however, looks rather smug.

Five minutes later the feed clicks back on, and the cat has seemed fit to perch itself right next to the SFC - if the swishing of a tail over the screen occasionally was any indication. Darn feline...]

How many were unaffected by this latest curse? Or if you have, do you at least have your memories?

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Of course we have our memories, stupid. I don't think that any kidnapper can take that away.

[... Silver, that's not what Riku meant, you brat.]

Vid' returned.

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You'd be surprised what others can do.

[...Huh. This kid looks a bit familiar. Then again, he can't really say for sure.]

Re: Vid' returned.

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Hmph. Really? Because I've seen things and no one can just take memories away. That's stupid anyway. [It's not like you and Silver have had much interaction before this, Riku. Anyway Silver, you have seen mafia-type stuff-that-might-be-science-too, not things that can take away memories.]

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Yeah, whatever you say, snot-nosed brat.]

Call it what you want, but have you really seen something stranger than the world we're in now?

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...City, whatever. [Well, he got his answer in a roundabout way.]

[identity profile] 2011-11-21 01:29 am (UTC)(link) said World. What do you mean? [And then the glare that he's famous for when he's older, only it's.. not quite as effective coming from a 12 year old.]

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Exactly what I said. [Yeah, it isn't effective at all. All you're getting is a stare down that he was already excellent at when he was this age.]

What, you really thought you were still somewhere back in your world?

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DUH stupid. I have my pokemon with me. Why wouldn't I be in my world. [One: Silver doesn't know they are future his; two, he 'found' 'em, he kept them; and three, they listen to him.

Therefore, his.

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And I have this: [He holds up a hand, summoning the familiar blade ( within his grasp.] Your point?

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So? I have pokemon that can freeze you alive!

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And I can thaw myself out with fire, brat.

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Not if you're frozen solid, stupid. Are you a moron or something?. [Smug grin. He's just being a troll and a brat now who, as far as he knows, is always right. ALWAYS.]

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I've gotten out of worse situations than being frozen. Besides, don't you know it's rude to threaten someone who's not only older than you and can fight for themselves, but stupid?

At least I don't hide behind some stupid pet with magical powers.
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It's not a pet! It's a fighter! [Ignoring the other stuff FTW. Manners? He has them. Sometimes :|

the mun is dying of laughter here btw.]

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Looks like a pet to me. [Smiiiirk. How's it feel to be on the other side of the trolling, kid? And he seriously doubts the manners.]

[The other mun is also dying of laughter, btw.]

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Do they look like pets, white hair freak? [ Brb showing off his whole team now. Well, they dod look somewhat fearsome and like fighters at least.

Immaturity, Silver has it when things aren't going his way.

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Think I already said my answer. Do you really want me to repeat it?

[So do some dogs, and to be honest... They look a lot friendlier than Heartless.]

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[Off screen, Silver motions to the ghost for a bit. There's a malicious grin - while not as bad as a Gengar, a Haunter can still be a nasty pokemon to have haunting you. It'll stop short of doing major damage, but there should be some scrapes happening. He has basically set it to haunt you as revenge for being 'mean' to him.

Also, nightmares might happen. He does however make a show of recalling his pokemon on screen. Sometime in a few hours, the haunting will start. 8D;;
] Oh screw you, you just think big as you got a dumb sword.

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[He dismisses his Keyblade, and can't help the rather dark smirk crossing his lips. He knows that grin far too well; it won't take long before he figures out what that was about once the haunting begins. Really, he isn't that dim-witted. And once he finds out what that was? Expect the vengeance to be on.]

I could say the same about you, hiding behind others like that.

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Proves what you know. Where I come from, fighting with pokemon is the way to prove yourself!

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And where I'm from, having others do the fighting for you is an act of cowardice.

Not like it matters here, though--neither of us are in our original worlds.

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..Yea. How did we get here anyway?

And when do we go back?

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The same way everyone did, but good luck getting an answer from the locals.

To both questions, really.

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Because they're a bit tight-lipped. [Duh.]
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not here 1/2.

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[Awww kitty! Mami held her laughter in until Riku turned off the feed. It was just too damn cute x:]
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[Okay, time to be serious. She turns the video back on when the giggles have subsided.]

I am still the same age, Riku-san. 15.
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[The kitty is glad to be of service, for it is a troll just like the person who gave him to his pet. o7]

[As for Riku, he just chuckles a bit under his breath.]
Then I guess for the week... we're the same age.
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Ah, I see. [She beams, giving a laugh of her own.] If you don't mind me asking, how old were you before?

[Because she only assumed he's older than her. x:]


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I seventeen. Not much of a change in numbers, but... [He shrugs. A lot happened in those two years.]
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Hmm. [She nods her head.] I understand. It seems the others had their memories affected by the curse as well.


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[An older ( woman started to chuckle, the wrinkles around her eyes creasing every time she closed her eyes. The laugh lines along the corner of her lips deepened as she smiled. The sudden change in age was rather... disconcerting but she was taking with stride. She wondered if Riku would recognize her. Even the matured, older sound of her voice sounded foreign to her ears.]

Seems like your little friend finds your sudden change rather amusing. At least it isn't as dramatic as... well...

[She looked down at her worn hands and sighed softly. The bubble has a strange way of stressing out its residents with unpredictable changes.]

So these curses are something to be expected?

[video] 1/2

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[He doesn't recognize her right away, but that may be partially due to lack of sleep. He doesn't get much as it is, and with the cat waking him up in his amusement... Yeah, he isn't that awake yet. Even with the coffee.]

Kiryu finds everything amusing.

[He rolls his eyes, not even realizing he's slipping into his old, arrogant self.]

Yeah. Apparently they used to happen more often, but according to what I've heard, slowed when the coral was split in half.

[video] 2/2

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[Wait a minute...]

[Blink. Blink blink. Rubbing eyes free of sleep.]

... Aqua?!


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[She quietly waited until he finally noticed and his reaction was something Aqua had expected. Still, it was quite shocking for herself as well!]

Heh... I knew you would be surprised. I'm still trying to get used to... this.

[Her hand motioned towards her face, fingertips touching her cheeks in mild shock. She looked old enough to be a grandmother!

And that wasn't the only change. Her hair had whitened with soft highlights of pastel blue and had grown past her shoulders. Since she wasn't exactly used to having such a long mane, Aqua pulled it into a loose ponytail that hung over her shoulder for the moment.]

How long will this last?


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[Hey, he just woke up. Cut him some slack, Grandma Aqua. >: ..hey, that has a nice ring to it!]

Can't... say I blame you.

[He blinks one more time, then schools himself into a more calm demeanor. ...And by calm, we mean he's smirking.]

A week, I guess. That's normally how long these last. [A beat.] Can't believe I'm like this again...


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[Grandma Aqua. Huh, it does! :3]

Again, Riku? Has this happened some time before?

[She is still paying attention to the younger boy when she turns her gaze to her canine friend. The black shepherd dog seems more restless than normal as he whines with worry.]

Shh... Magi. It's alright.

[She runs a hand between his ears to try and sooth the older dog's nerves. Seems like he isn't taking her sudden change all to well.]

Re: [video]

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If it has, I don't remember it.

[And... he laughs just a little bit. He's younger, Master. Of course he'd say 'again.']

...I take it Magi doesn't know older people can still defend themselves, huh.


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[In response to his chuckle, Aqua shakes her head but is smiling all the same. With the strange happenings in Vatheon, she was never too sure of what has happen in the past!]

I think he just worries for his friends. That's all... isn't that right, boy? [Seems that her soothing calmed the older dog as his tongue hung over his teeth, looking as if he were smiling up at her.]

He's always looking out for Ven and I. Especially Ven... [She wondered if it was because of how much she worried over the younger keyblade wielder...]


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[Nor does he, after eight months. Still, a lot has happened and he's at least tried to leave messages in what occurred if he ever disappeared again.]

Mm. Dogs normally are like that. You should have seen Pluto, Mickey's dog. [ALL THE LICKINGS. OH GOD.]


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[She snorts.]

I'm still the same. Lucky me - I didn't want to be a kid again anyway.


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[Lucky her.]

Sure about that? They seem a bit more carefree. [When not crying for their parents.]


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[This time.]

Tch. They're carefree because they don't know anything. [She doesn't want to relive all that.] I'd rather not be oblivious.


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[He doesn't quite meet her gaze.]

Guess I got that, minus the obliviousness. [There... is no way he could forget what he did.]


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Guess you did.