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Sixteenth ✰ [Accidental Video]

['sup Vatheon. You know how miracles generally happen about this time of year? Well, another just so happens to be happening right now, brought to you live by a sneaky little kitten who ninja'd his way out of the second story window and into a familiar forest. Well, at the edge of the wooded area, anyway. Just behind a bench, too.

At first all that's seen is a black glove, a finger in it twitching slightly as the first few signs of awareness before the hand clenches into a fist. The kitten mewls, white face nudging the hand gengerly. Who cares if it's damp, he missed his pet.

There's a bit of a sputtering cough, like some of the water dripped down his throat, as he wakes up, beginning to sit up. The silver hair and black cloth should be telltale signs of who it is as the Turkish Angora sits there, all pleased and proud. Yet something is different about the familiar figure, something off. To the outsider, he probably just looks disoriented and confused. The outsider has the latter part correct, at least. The other, however, is shock.]

How-? [His own jaw dropped. Riku remembers, vaguely at first, as pieces come back bit by bit. It's surprising, really, to suddenly awaken here after such a bright light, sensing Sora vaguely begin to run toward him as he lay on the ground... to a kitten he would be mowed over by an old friend if he didn't recognize.]

Kiryu? [A beat.] If you're here, then that means... [His face points at the camera...and before he can say anything embarrassing, his hand covers the SFC and it shuts off-

...Was that a Christmas bow tied to his hair and blindfold?

...That was a Christmas bow tied to his hair and blindfold. Har har, powers that be. Har. Har.]


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[Kiryu was missing. He had gone from peacefully sleeping on Riku's bed to being gone in less than an hour. In less time than it had taken Sora to walk the dogs, come back inside, peel off all of his out door clothing and make hot chocolate. He had been there when he left and was gone when he came back in.

And the worst part? He didn't even remember leaving the window open.

Which meant the past two hours of his life? Has been spent tearing the house apart and hastily putting it back together looking for the small kitten.

So when he see's the feed, the first thing he feels is relief, because someone must have found him, wondering around outside and was checking to see who his owner was.

He found himself sighing, just thankful that the little kitten was alright. Riku would kill him if he ever came back and found out that Sora had lost his cat.]


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[He almost speaks. Almost. But then the voice stops him.

That voice. He knew that voice. He'd know that voice anywhere.

The second thing he feels? In an overwhelming sense of joy. That voice belonged to Riku. And there was only one way he could be hearing Riku's voice over the SFC.

Riku was back.]


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[The second thing he notices? Isn't the bow tied to the blindfold but the blindfold himself. If Riku was still wearing it then that meant...

He really didn't want to to think about what it meant.

The third thing he felt? Sadness. A deep sadness that he hadn't even realized was there before. If Riku had left and gone home, maybe he wouldn't remember what had happened here. Just when they had started to make progress, it was all going to be lost. And maybe he wouldn't be able to help his friend come to those same realizations.

But it was Riku which meant whether or not he was enough, he was going to try. He would try and try and try until there was nothing left to try.]


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[But when he finally turns on the SFC? None of that is visible. All that's visible is one extremely concerned Sora all up in your grill.]

Riku! You're back!

[And laying out in the middle of no where. Welp.]

Video; Spazzing complete.

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[And running out of the house in the middle of the night to run into some forest he barely even recognizes and has never even been to probably isn't the best idea, but guess what? He gives no fucks.]

Stay right there. I'm gonna come get you, okay?

[At least he manages to pull the door closed as he runs out of it. Oh yeah, and he should probably lock it too. So, running back, pulling out his keys and locking it.

And now enjoy the sight and sound of his shoes crunching over the grass. Someone really needs to teach him how to turn the SFC back off.]

video; oh, the spazzing. xD

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[But Sora. He wouldn't have mentioned the name "Kiryu" if he hadn't recognized the presence. Remember when you tried to get him to read anything with small print while wearing this thing? Yeah.

But that voice... They were just together, weren't they-? Wait... This was Vatheon. It could very well have been days or even longer while he was away--returned to their worlds for a short period of time. He 'stares' at the SFC in his hands, sensing the concern in his best friend's voice.

Consider the worry seconded.]


[Forcing himself up, downing half a potion to stave off the whole 'hit by a truck' sensation. Even so... he felt so much lighter now. If it weren't for the situation he'd left back home, he would be-]

Sure that's a good idea, Sora? I don't think you've explored this place, yet. [Sweatdrop. More tech lessons are in Sora's immediate future.]

video; 1/2 Like you didn't expect this to happen.

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[Yeah? Are you forgetting the fact that he still doesn't know how you've survived for months wearing that thing? Or have you forgotten the time he found and extra one and tried walking around the house with it on? He's still finding pieces of glass in various corners of the kitchen.

It hadn't been that long, in reality. But it wasn't how long you had been gone that bothered him. It was that you had left at all. And that he knew what was waiting for you. Well, he knew enough. And while he knew that you would make it through it, that you would see the light on the other side, it still hurt him to know that you had had to go through it at all.

So those four days or so? Had seemed like a life time. Especially since Kairi still hadn't woken up.

Seriously, Riku. Since when has Sora ever listened to what was a good idea? He knows where the forest is (vaguely). Once he's there he figure's he'll just walk around the outside of it and yell your name. His plan is obviously flawless and can't possibly fail.]

So what? I'm not just gonna leave you out there by yourself. [He saw you take that potion, Riku, don't you think he didn't.]

Especially if you're hurt. [THE WORRY, RIKU, YOU ARE NOT HELPING IT. Or making this seem like anything less than a very good idea.]


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[Wait, did he just.... okay, running is coming to a halt. This is obviously an even more pressing matter.]

Riku... how do you know I haven't explored the forest yet?


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[Nope, and he will probably never tell him that much. Also, he remembers that clearly enough not to walk around the kitchen barefoot. Luka will murder him in his sleep...

Most of it was still only vague, yet everything is coming back rather quickly as he orients himself where he now stands, white kitten in his hands as he searches through the entire city's worth of auras. It's difficult, but he can't not recognize the 'scent' of his own best friend. Kiryu mewls in his hands, batting at the SFC playfully without - miraculously enough - pressing any buttons. Hurry, Sora! Get out of the box!]

I'm fine, Sora. That blast just took a bit out of me. [A faint smirk, and he pockets what's left of the potion.] ...How long was I gone, in Vatheon terms?



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[Come on, Riku. You know you totally want to have story time. You can tell him how to survive with a piece of black fabric over your eyes and, you know, what happened in Castle Oblivion, and he'll tell you all sorts of fun stories about all the different worlds he's been too. Doesn't that sound like fun? It was nice knowing you buddy.

He's hurrying, little buddy. He's hurrying just as fast as his short little leg's can carry him, okay? In fact, he's hurrying so fast that he doesn't even bother to answer. The camera of the SFC takes in him entering the park and racing off towards the forest. And once he reaches the edge of it? He skids to a stop, breathing heavily, leaning over with his hands planted firmly on his knees.

And once he gets his breath back? Then he'll answer.]

Three days. [Three and a half, to be exact. Three and a half miserable, sad days. Things he found out during those three and a half days? He's kind of lost with out someone there with him. He's spent the last two years with Goofy and Donald as his constant companions, and before that (and after) it had been you and Kairi by his side. When it was just him? He wasn't quite sure what to do.

And heading into the forest. Determined to find you. And thankfully searching his memories banks, and finally landing on the time frame he's pretty sure you came from.]

Riku... what's the last thing you remember?



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[...Why do you always get the good ones to tell? IF YOU WANT STORY TIME YOU WLL ACCEPT YOUR PART OF THE BLAME IF HE EVER COMES BACK.

Kiryu cheers on Sora and his little legs, giving an approving look as he moves from Riku's arms to climb onto Riku's shoulder... sort of. The blindfold looks like a fun toy, okay? They're both waiting, sort of. Since he is walking, seemingly away from where he was and to where he can sense his friend. Sora may not see it, but when he closes his eyes completely... he can sense that heart his is so strongly tied to so much clearer. Just like the King had said so very long ago...

Which reminds him so very much how much he suffered while separated.

'What I last...']

The outline of your clown shoes. About two or three feet from my face.



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[Hey now, they wouldn't be stories if someone hadn't decided to be all noble and self sacrificing. Then you would have been there to experience them with him. FINE. HE WILL ACCEPT EXACTLY HALF THE BLAME. BUT THE OTHER HALF IS ALL ON YOU.

Sora always saw those things, Riku. The bonds that had formed between them long ago were like strings, linking them together. There were many different colors and many different meanings, and while some were thicker than other's and come carried more damage, they were are strong. All unbreakable. There would never be anything strong enough to sear them.

Sora had always been able to see it, even when they were younger, before their journey's had even begun. Didn't you ever wonder why Aqua's question was so easy for him to answer? Because he didn't even have to think. Riku was his friend. He had been since before he could even remember and he always would be.

He spotted a streak of black through the trees, moving in the opposite direction he currently was, and cut through, using a small path created naturally. The black was broken by a small spot of white and he smiled as he and the cat's eyes met.

Don't be alarmed if Kiryu suddenly jumps from your shoulder and scurries across the forest floor, Riku. Because as soon as he does Sora is already bending down, scooping him up the second he gets close enough, already having cut the connection between him and Riku on his SFC and placing it back in his pocket.

And for a moment, one very brief moment, he just stands there, as if he isn't sure if he should yell or hug you and welcome you back. But after everything he had read in the journal you left, after learning about everything you had done for him, he couldn't bring himself to yell. You had given up so much, just to bring him back. You had gone through so much, had suffered to no end, because of a decision he had made.

Because it had been easier to go to sleep and have his memories put back the way they were meant to be than to stay awake and try and sort them out himself.

So in the end, the choice was an easy one, really. At least if the way he closed the distance between them was any indication, wrapping his arms around the other's shoulders, hugging him tight, the kitten left to crawl up onto his own shoulder in order to avoid being crushed.]

Welcome back, Riku.


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[Well, someone had to to make sure some lazy bum finally got out of the pod-shaped bed. THE ONLY PART OF THE BLAME HE WILL ACCEPT IS LETTING YOU STAY THERE. DEAL. WITH. IT.

He truly was the blind one for a long time, metaphorically speaking. While he knew it, he just couldn't listen to the whispers of truth as his decisions led him down a different path. Where Sora saw the bonds, he saw the weaknesses and the secrets that lay in the shadows of their bright world. And yet... wasn't it those strings that kept him from fully believing Maleficent? Those bonds kept him from fading time and time again, and were how he couldn't fully hate Sora that first leg of their separate journeys. Then again, he'd been secretive to begin with, too...

Except with that one stranger, and he still hasn't told anyone about what they were really talking about. Probably never would-

That's when Kiryu jumps out of his arms, but he doesn't seem that surprised as his head turns directly toward the aura he'd never be able to mistake the aura he was running directly to. A faint smick crosses his lips as he nods faintly, and the now happier cat as it climbs up onto Sora's shoulder. ... It's a good thing he's patient, because with that faint outline of 'the look' he could make out, he was wondering which greeting he'd get. Would it be angered shouting, or-?

Then all of a sudden there was a hug. ...What. Okay, he probably should have seen that coming after Kairi had done the same to both of them and Sora had once fallen to his knees and wept like a baby upon seeing through his appearance and into his heart like Kairi had, but it still causes him to hesitate slightly before hands hovering over his friend's back slowly returned the hug-

Kiryu you did not just lick his face as though saying he needs a bath. The salt water was enough of one, thank you very much.]

Sorry for the wait.
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[No, you mean someone had to be stubborn and decide he'd rather tell that lazy bum off for sleeping for so long rather than joining him. NO, HE WILL TAKE EXACTLY HALF THE BLAME AND THE OTHER HALF IS ON YOU. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO HAVING EACH OTHER'S BACKS, HUH?

Yeah, he pretty much just did. Consider it payback in kitten form for putting them through this right before Christmas Right before Sora's favorite holiday. And if this, you finding your way back here just in time to be able to experience with your friends, with the people who matter most to you doesn't make you believe in Santa? He honestly does not know what will.

The hug is comforting. It reminds him that Riku's there, that this is real and not just a dream. Sometimes it was hard to remember that all of this was real and not just some new world that they had stumbled upon. They were stuck here in this alternate dimension and unlike the worlds he was used to, they couldn't just come and go as they pleased. Any of them could be taken at any time, and they could be brought back at any time. But it was still up to someone else, and even if they did find their way back, it didn't mean their memories would come with them.

He kept the hug short, pulling away a couple of moments later, smiling up at Riku. Seriously, why do you have to be so tall? It's kind of unfair.]

Don't worry. You're here now. That's what matters.

VID -- hey hey guess who's also around this area? :3

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[Don't mind this jerk actually laughing because Y E P he noticed the bow to that blindfold.

That said, Silver's in the forest himself, so this could end up in person.] Cute bow.

video; -- well, shit. XD;

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[He doesn't reply right away... more than likely untying the bow from his hair. When he does, though? There is no blindfold over his eyes, anymore...]

There have been worse things in this city. Silver, right? [A faint smirk.]

video; -- 1/2 I love there CR /noms on forever.

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What th--- [And Silver just freezes like a dear in the headlights. He'd not even registered the eye's are sea green and not amber. Obviously you made one of hell of an impression on the teen last time he saw you like this, and that might be the sound of something being recalled, though feel free to assume that Silver's gone defensive mode.]


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...Who are you? You're not Caden and Riku had amber eyes. Don't tell me he has another brother?

[LOL Nope, not checked the SFC name list yet.]

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[He just smiles calmly, points to where it would say his name on the feed, and chuckles. Riku knows that look well enough; it was on his face more than a handful of times as it is. Both the fear and the anger.]

The me you met before wasn't fully me. Well, was with a few extra shadows. [The chuckle doesn't quite leave him just yet. Sorry Silver, but he's just glad to be back to his normal self again. A Christmas miracle? Or... maybe another kind altogether.]

I am Riku. The original and no one else can ever change that.

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[Even noticing that doesn't quite do enough to calm his worries, ok? But the fear's soon replaced by a look of scathing anger - and ego/prides that's still more than a bit bruised.

Also, the chuckle? Very lucky this is not in person, yet, or Silver who have a fist to your face. Either way, he's making his way through the forest.
] ... I would say that it was more than 'a few extra shadows', Riku.

Eyes don't just change colour, either, idiot.

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[It isn't really because of his reaction, but because he's just so glad that it's seemingly over so far as the fight within is concerned. Yet there is something that keeps him from outright laughing. Riku sobers up, but doesn't spill anything more than:]

They do when you've been fighting a possessive/oppressive power for over a year, wise guy.

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[... Shouldn't have phrased it that way, Riku, as Silver is thinking this over. No blindfold, no dark aura, no amber eyes and no double voice....

And Riku just said that he was fighting it (Stupid, if you asked Silver. Who'd be stupid enough to fight such a power)...

Still, he needs a bit more information--
] And this means what, exactly

[Please note, Silver is not that far away, but still on Vid - He's only heading over to make sure his assumptions that Riku is a weakling are correct before he tries to goad Riku. He does not want any nasty surprises.]

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[Too bad; he loves to be vague like that. It keeps opponents guessing, but in this case? He'll let something else slip.]

It means the powers are mine, but the other force is gone completely.

[It's said in a matter-of-fact tone, the feed crackling just a bit as the kitten jumps out of his arms. In the other, free hand that isn't holding the SFC? The familiar dark flames spring forth in an orb hovering just inside his palm, not scalding him at all. Try and goad him if you want, but he certainly isn't weak. In fact, he's even stronger for conquering and being... purified, if you want to put it in other terms.

In other words, guess which other power he's gained while he was away, even if it's as vague as his answers?]
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[Vague is annoying. Never mind that he does it sometimes in canon himself. Though he's often just blunt and mean :|

Though that dark flame? Has him freezing mid-step. He's close enough to see it through the trees and not just over the SFC - and there is the unmistakable look of 'oh shit' on his face.
] Fuck.

[And then it' gone, Silver linefacing as much as he can try and cover his own weakness.] Hmph. That's all you can do then? Seems like you pulled the short end of the stick and got weaker.

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[Deal with it, you little snot. Because to him you're just as annoying, even if he's pretty good at hiding it at times. Riku notes the temporary mid-freeze, and shuts off the feed as soon as he heard that. His eyes also fall on the exact position Silver's presence is coming from.

...His superhuman senses still haven't faded any, thank you.]

Someone never reveals all of his tricks in one go if he's to continue existing, moron. Surely even someone like you knows this much.

[he won't allow himself to be goaded so easily. Not like back then - a time that seems so long ago to him, now.]


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[His hand tightens into a fist and Silver snarls a bit - then forces himself to calm down and think. He knows Riku is right and it would do him not good to react hotly to it or dismiss the matter out of hand; deny Riku had a point. Not two months ago he would have, but now...

It's another bitter pill to swallow, though not as bitter as some of the ones on other topics... Another breath or ten and he schools his face impassively.
] I'm hardly an uneducated simpleton.

[And the redhead's just going to lean against a tree nonchalantly, hands shoved into jeans pockets. Now you can see the coldness and arrogance that matches that aura of his.] But I suppose you might have gotten stronger, for a weakling.

[...backhanded acknowledgement? From Silver? Perish the though.]

action forever~

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[Riku waits patiently, keeping his expression blank for a time as he stares at the other. Had he struck yet another nerve without fully meaning to? Not like he cared; it was something that he probably would have to do many times to keep this one in line or from doing something stupid again.]

Then you shouldn't act like it half the time. [Just a simple suggestion as he shrugs, moving to pass the other before continuing on. ...Wait, was that backhanded acknowledgement? How peculiar.] Coming from you? I'll take that as a compliment.

[Notice how he doesn't argue with being weak...]


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[Yep - Silver's reactions to having a nerve struck are pretty telling; Though, thankfully, his time here in Vatheon has mellowed him out somewhat, or at least expanded on his patience so that he didn't fly off the handle. Silver would not appreciate having another person who'd be on his case for his behavior, but damned, he needs it!]

..And yet you don't deny you're weak. Typical. [A shurg though; he's just saying that because he can. He's only bothered by the stare a little before snorting.] You do know it's rude to stare, right?

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[Too. Bad. Because he will whenever he has to, not to mention give reminders when they're needed. Since he knows what it's like, even in a vague sense, at least he can help slightly from an antagonistic approach if he chooses to.]

Just the way life is. [He rolls his eyes, holding his kitten in his arms. Someone has lucked out for this round.] Almost funny how staring is the lesser offense, lately.

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[And have a semi-malicious smirk, though he's still got that relaxed air about him. He's not going up the ante if you don't Riku. Not right now, anyway.] Really? And here I thought it was the hallmark of someone who acts like they've never seen a red-head before.

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Grew up with a couple red-heads. Sorry to disappoint. [n o p e. Not even going to bother in upping the ante unless he's attacked first. He has no desire to cause a repeat of the last time.]

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[Then I guess we have an uneasy truce right now.] Then do stop staring like a damned xatu or freaking noctowl.

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[Riku rolls his eyes, but does glance away.] Waiting for something?


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... Riku? Riku? Are you okay?

[Worried Katsu is worried. ;w; ]


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Yeah. I'm... I'm fine.

[He looks a bit hesitant at first, but... there's no doubt about it. That is a smile on his face. One he hasn't publicly shown in a long, long time.] Better, actually.


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... Good. That's... good. Where are you?


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Judging by what I can see... the park.


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Is anyone on their way? I can come and get you if you need...


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Sora is.... but knowing him, he'll be the one getting lost. [Riku shakes his head, a little amused.]
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Riku-san! Are you all right? Are you hurt anywhere?


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I'm alright. Just... disoriented. [He pauses, shaking his head and still soaked.] ...Mami?
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Yes, it's me, Riku-san. I'll come get you two, all right?


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Alright. [Though, he probably should get the soaked leather off himself... before Kiryu needs a bath. too late]
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video. -> action.

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Please hold on. I'll be there soon.

[Mami shuts off the feed, quickly transforming into her Puella Magi form (she'll be able to move faster this way and use her healing magic too). One of the advantages of going on nightly patrols is one becoming very familiar with the area. The girl arrives on the scene a few moments later, calling out to the older boy.]

Riku-san? [He might be able to sense immense power coming from the blonde, plus, she dressed in a very strange outfit.] Kiryu?


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[He does the same, waiting in the same area as he tried to wring out his damp hair and warm himself by a small campfire made with dark magic. ...For some reason, it hasn't hurt nearly as much to utilize his magic. At least he can be grateful about that, too.

When he hears that voice, he adds a little more juice to the fire like a signal flare.]
Over here-

[...and then Kiryu runs out of the brush from the direction of the flames, mewling. Hey! You got out of the box! o:]
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[She sees the flare, hurrying towards the it when a tiny white kitten skitters into view, mewling at her.]

Oh my... Kiryu? [She kneels down and carefully takes the cat into her arms. That can only mean Riku wasn't that far off. She heaves a sigh of relief when she spots a familiar crop of silver hair.]


[When she was near him she kneels down to his level, letting Kiryu down on the floor.]

Give me your hand.