limitless_land: (Faceplant ★ I will keep for me)
Riku ([personal profile] limitless_land) wrote2011-12-25 12:04 am

Sixteenth ✰ [Accidental Video]

['sup Vatheon. You know how miracles generally happen about this time of year? Well, another just so happens to be happening right now, brought to you live by a sneaky little kitten who ninja'd his way out of the second story window and into a familiar forest. Well, at the edge of the wooded area, anyway. Just behind a bench, too.

At first all that's seen is a black glove, a finger in it twitching slightly as the first few signs of awareness before the hand clenches into a fist. The kitten mewls, white face nudging the hand gengerly. Who cares if it's damp, he missed his pet.

There's a bit of a sputtering cough, like some of the water dripped down his throat, as he wakes up, beginning to sit up. The silver hair and black cloth should be telltale signs of who it is as the Turkish Angora sits there, all pleased and proud. Yet something is different about the familiar figure, something off. To the outsider, he probably just looks disoriented and confused. The outsider has the latter part correct, at least. The other, however, is shock.]

How-? [His own jaw dropped. Riku remembers, vaguely at first, as pieces come back bit by bit. It's surprising, really, to suddenly awaken here after such a bright light, sensing Sora vaguely begin to run toward him as he lay on the ground... to a kitten he would be mowed over by an old friend if he didn't recognize.]

Kiryu? [A beat.] If you're here, then that means... [His face points at the camera...and before he can say anything embarrassing, his hand covers the SFC and it shuts off-

...Was that a Christmas bow tied to his hair and blindfold?

...That was a Christmas bow tied to his hair and blindfold. Har har, powers that be. Har. Har.]

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