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[The feed begins normally- it seems to be someone's room, though it's so tidy it's ridiculous. Is it even lived in? Well, the feed says Riku on it, but... why is the person that appears on the feed in all black - not that it's anything new about him - armor with a mask over his face that looks a bit like a dragon's skull?]

... "limitless_land"? Is this some sort of a sick joke? [Whoever this was didn't sound the least bit amused, but a faint smirk may have formed under the mask. Yes, Vatheon. Riku's become a Dark Knight. How... not much different than usual.]

Who else is affected, and is anyone planning on doing anything about it while we're stuck like this?
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[It wasn't like it was anything different, seeing a cloaked figure walking around the upside-down fishbowl. He was headed toward the park once more, oblivious to what was going on around him other than the hearts around him.

The ignorance also extended to the bubble behind him, which he was blissfully unaware of courtesy of not being able to even see it. And what is it that can be seen?

His two friends on the beach, laughing like they had no care in the world and a younger him chuckling beside them. That is, before it fades away in a black swirl that morphs into something entirely different. Just one wish. It switches to a scene he wishes could be: being able to look his friends in the eye--no blindfold. Such was his life all thanks to his own choices that led him into the sorry state he found himself in.]
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[When the feed turns on it is showing a rather collected boy, considering all that has come to show in the past few days for him. He seems to have figured it out well again; a feat since being he seems to enjoy wearing that blindfold of his twenty-four/seven.]

It seems that there are some newcomers to the bubble. [He gives just a faint smirk.] Welcome to Vatheon, then. I'm not part of the welcome committee, but if you have any questions I'd do my best to answer them.

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[Filtered to Friends]
I take it by now you've all seen his broadcast, and as such... you're probably wondering just what this guy is on. I... suppose now that he's here I can't run from this shadow, even if I wanted to in the first place. He goes by "Ansem," though if I know anything, it isn't his true name and even so... you don't want to get on his radar. Don't even so much as speak to him if you want to remain Whole.

[Private to Luka]
Never thought I'd have to take you up on your offer so soon, but... have any extra room? I doubt this hotel room will be sufficient enough to hide from our new Dark presence.

[Private to Joshua]
Before you say it... Yes, I know I jinxed it.

[Locked to Axel and Demyx]
...Guess I'm not the only one from your pasts that's crept up in the last week. Have any sort of game plans ready?
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[What am I supposed to do now?

He doesn't know when his perpetual black faded into sleep, nor when he fell back on his bed--or when he got soaked for that matter. What he did know was that when he awakened... he was soaked, and could smell saltwater. Not to mention he was on the ground somewhere.]

[Riku opens his eyes beneath the blindfold, regretting it a moment when the salt water began to make them sting. What he can subtly make out behind the cloth was that he was in a city of sorts, a few Hearts and shadow figures-meaning whole individuals-passing by... and was that a coral split into two? He shook his head, getting to his feet. Maybe it was time to get some answers, as well as dry off.

His hand immediately finds the SFC and after studying it along with drying off/out his blindfold and himself to the best of his ability if the towel over his head is anything to go by... he decides to make his presence known. The feed clicks.]

...Vatheon, huh. I don't suppose anyone would have any ideas as to why we are in the first place?

[Of course, the local who gave him a towel and a hair dryer for his blindfold had said nothing about why he was here. Rather, they changed the subject rather quickly. It irritated him, yes, but maybe someone else had the answers he desired.

Anyone wandering the plaza could quite well find him donning the black coat synonymous with the Organization and eyes hidden by a black blindfold to match, leaning against the wall of one of the many stores, examining the SFC and its functions as he gained his bearings.]


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