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['sup Vatheon. You know how miracles generally happen about this time of year? Well, another just so happens to be happening right now, brought to you live by a sneaky little kitten who ninja'd his way out of the second story window and into a familiar forest. Well, at the edge of the wooded area, anyway. Just behind a bench, too.

At first all that's seen is a black glove, a finger in it twitching slightly as the first few signs of awareness before the hand clenches into a fist. The kitten mewls, white face nudging the hand gengerly. Who cares if it's damp, he missed his pet.

There's a bit of a sputtering cough, like some of the water dripped down his throat, as he wakes up, beginning to sit up. The silver hair and black cloth should be telltale signs of who it is as the Turkish Angora sits there, all pleased and proud. Yet something is different about the familiar figure, something off. To the outsider, he probably just looks disoriented and confused. The outsider has the latter part correct, at least. The other, however, is shock.]

How-? [His own jaw dropped. Riku remembers, vaguely at first, as pieces come back bit by bit. It's surprising, really, to suddenly awaken here after such a bright light, sensing Sora vaguely begin to run toward him as he lay on the ground... to a kitten he would be mowed over by an old friend if he didn't recognize.]

Kiryu? [A beat.] If you're here, then that means... [His face points at the camera...and before he can say anything embarrassing, his hand covers the SFC and it shuts off-

...Was that a Christmas bow tied to his hair and blindfold?

...That was a Christmas bow tied to his hair and blindfold. Har har, powers that be. Har. Har.]
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[There were many things that Riku had come to expect about life in an undersea bubble. Curses was one of those things. However, what he hadn't expected was one day to have a kitten pounce on his head and claim his hair as a pillow. It takes a few moments, but he sleepily pulls the cat off his head and sits up to realize one thing in particular: ...Everything seems taller. Why does everything seem taller?

That's when he gets a look in the mirror and is taken aback.]

[Today was just full of surprises, it seems. At least he seems to remember being taller...

But he also hadn't expected the SFC to be on, either. It was almost as though the little ball of white fluff had wanted everyone to say 'Look, my pet is younger! Don't his pants look ridiculous?'

Riku mutters under his breath, reaching for it and shutting it off with a rather annoyed look on his face. The cat, however, looks rather smug.

Five minutes later the feed clicks back on, and the cat has seemed fit to perch itself right next to the SFC - if the swishing of a tail over the screen occasionally was any indication. Darn feline...]

How many were unaffected by this latest curse? Or if you have, do you at least have your memories?

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[...A feed during the attack? Seriously? There's only a brief glimpse of gold eyes beneath a hood before the SFC is tilted so only one of the kraken's tentacles can be seen. It takes five seconds before a deep, almost blank voice filters through the darkness.]

What do you do when you've been lost to despair. [A pause as disks of light(?) are tossed at it from behind the speaker.] What is it that you do when you lose sight of the hope you'd kept alive until now and realize that you don't have what it takes to protect others by your own power?

[He's silent for a long while, seemingly focused on dodging the retaliatory actions of the attacked appendage... until a black hand suddenly shoots electric shocks of the same white and pale blue energy at a now writhing mass of flesh.]

Tell me... What does one do with oneself then-?!

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[The SFC shows a white paw batting at the tiny device, small tag glinting and unreadable at the moment. After a moment the kitten finally gets bored and decides that it isn't worthy of staying on its perch. Batting it off the bedside table, the audio clicks on when instead there's a black glove falling off the bed.]

—this life sentence that I'm serving? I admit that I'm every bit deserving...♪

[It's almost in a dead tone as the water runs, possibly from the next room? The male voice doesn't seem to realize that it's being recorded either as he sits up. Pale hands run through silver hair, eyes hidden by cloth. He looks like a mess, yet he keeps muttering the words under his breath, going off-key every now and then.]

Because I've been housing all this doubt and insecurity
And I've been locked inside that house.
All the while you hold the Key.
I've been dying to get out, and that might be the death of me.
And even though there's no way of knowing

[Riku's voice trails off, silent for long while before pulling out the earbuds from his ears with a sigh. The silence lasts a couple moments, before the feline decides that his lap is more comfy than the table. His eyes may not be visible, but the ways his mouth falls before he scratches his ears has to be telling.]

Get up, Kiryu. I have a report to write- ...You little sneak. [Yes, guess who just picked up the SFC and moved to shut it off before pausing.]

... For anyone who knew Joshua. ...He went home.

[The feed ends...|]

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[It was one of the very few times Riku had gotten any sleep.

It was also the day that zombie fish decided to rise on up from the ground like some sort of twist to song lyrics.

So there is a very disgruntled looking Riku, a couple scrapes crossing his face here and there.]

I'd invite everyone over for an old-fashioned fish fry, but I'm afraid even an islander can't salvage this bunch of rancid meat.

[...Was he kidding? It's hard to tell with that poker face before the feed cuts. H-hopefully that wasn't a flash of gold the viewer saw behind a sliced bit of blindfold.]

[Riku can probably be found in various parts of the city, but whether he appears to be himself or another has yet to be seen.]

[ooc: Due to this event, the possibility that he may have to use another's power is very real. As such, replies may very well come from either here, or [ profile] twilitdisguise ]
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[Once again the feed is a bit shaky once it begins, but soon it evens out to show moving trees before it's finally set down on some smooth surface--a rock?]

Sora went home. [The matter of fact tone can't hide the sadness in his voice. Yet another one of his friends, gone. While he's relieved to know for a fact that his best friend does indeed wake up from his nearly a year long slumber, he can't quite shake the wish to be there with him, able to talk to him and Kairi... to see them with his own eyes. To be at peace again and regain what was lost...

Guess it's just a distant dream for now.]
Just thought you should know, if you didn't take a look at the residency list.

[The feed ends without even showing his face, but he'll be walking around the park and middle district like a zombie, maybe even practicing a few swings and allowing a few dark spells to be used. The question remains the same: Dare you approach?]
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[For a while, all that it looks like on the screen is static and... dog slobber? Gross, right? Well, then the audio cuts in to a faint growl of frustration before a pencil eraser is seen. Then- wait, that voice. ...Nah, it couldn't be, could it?]

Ugh, finally.

[There... is a wolf on your SFC screen, Vatheon. Some may recognize the voice, some may not. Either way, he looks a bit relieved that he finally got this thing to work as he collapses back on a couch that's just in view of the camera view.]

Sorry about that. It's... rather hard to work the SFC without hands. [Right. Get the apologies out of the way first, then get to work on recon. ...Heh, who'd have thought.]

Vatheon, I have a question for you but first... I need to explain something.

Yesterday the city decided to grace us with another curse. While it's to be expected, I didn't expect this at all.

Something... [He hesitates, shaking his head in disbelief.] -caused someone I normally consider a friend into someone ruled by their fears. Now, normally I'd try to reason with them myself, but when I did... something happened.

...Does anyone recognize this symbol? [Riku bends his neck down, retrieving something from the floor- a sheet of paper that's a bit covered in a paw print or two, along with a few scratches and cuts from his claws and teeth. But still... he did try to draw the blasted thing from memory with a pen in his mouth/ink on a claw depending on when the pen broke due to the pressure he put on it with his jaws. After ten seconds of holding it, it drops to the floor and he lowers his head, ears folding down. He's... a strange mixture of angered and worried.]

If any of you can tell me anything about it, or that strange, oppressing feeling that came with his presence, I'd appreciate it.
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[He's been quiet for a while, and he was still drying off again from coming back when a mask appeared on his face in place of his blindfold. Though, that didn't worry him have as much as what he'd just seen...]

...I go "home" for a while and things go to hell again? Figures.

Private to Isa, Demyx and Axel )

Private to Sora )
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[When the feed flickers on the view is shaky at best. At least, until the SFC is gently placed down on a stable surface. What had once been dark and gloomy was now filled with saddened light, if the costume change was any indication, because two separate things happened during the night.]

[Riku pulled a complete one-eighty; his second class being a sort of white knight- a Paladin. It seemed almost ironic, seeing as-]

...For those that knew her, I thought you should know..... [He pauses, hiding his face from view with the exception of a frown crossing his lips. ...To think he'd been so amused only a couple days ago.] ...Kairi returned home last night.

[As a light disappeared overnight.]

[Riku gives a heavy sigh, pulling himself together for just a while longer. First Sora came, but now their other friend was gone? The one who'd accepted that he still had a long way to go? It stung more than he could say, and it was just too much to take at once.]

Naminé, Caden- She left something for you.

[...The feed ends. Now he has to go calm down. But before it fades out completely, there's a slight change to his stats:

limitless_land | Level 22
Class: Dark Knight/Paladin
HP: 80% | MP: 20%

...Someone's obviously taken some frustration and other negative emotions out on the quests and pirates.]
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[The feed begins normally- it seems to be someone's room, though it's so tidy it's ridiculous. Is it even lived in? Well, the feed says Riku on it, but... why is the person that appears on the feed in all black - not that it's anything new about him - armor with a mask over his face that looks a bit like a dragon's skull?]

... "limitless_land"? Is this some sort of a sick joke? [Whoever this was didn't sound the least bit amused, but a faint smirk may have formed under the mask. Yes, Vatheon. Riku's become a Dark Knight. How... not much different than usual.]

Who else is affected, and is anyone planning on doing anything about it while we're stuck like this?
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[When the feed turns on it is showing a rather collected boy, considering all that has come to show in the past few days for him. He seems to have figured it out well again; a feat since being he seems to enjoy wearing that blindfold of his twenty-four/seven.]

It seems that there are some newcomers to the bubble. [He gives just a faint smirk.] Welcome to Vatheon, then. I'm not part of the welcome committee, but if you have any questions I'd do my best to answer them.

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[Filtered to Friends]
I take it by now you've all seen his broadcast, and as such... you're probably wondering just what this guy is on. I... suppose now that he's here I can't run from this shadow, even if I wanted to in the first place. He goes by "Ansem," though if I know anything, it isn't his true name and even so... you don't want to get on his radar. Don't even so much as speak to him if you want to remain Whole.

[Private to Luka]
Never thought I'd have to take you up on your offer so soon, but... have any extra room? I doubt this hotel room will be sufficient enough to hide from our new Dark presence.

[Private to Joshua]
Before you say it... Yes, I know I jinxed it.

[Locked to Axel and Demyx]
...Guess I'm not the only one from your pasts that's crept up in the last week. Have any sort of game plans ready?


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