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[The SFC shows a white paw batting at the tiny device, small tag glinting and unreadable at the moment. After a moment the kitten finally gets bored and decides that it isn't worthy of staying on its perch. Batting it off the bedside table, the audio clicks on when instead there's a black glove falling off the bed.]

—this life sentence that I'm serving? I admit that I'm every bit deserving...♪

[It's almost in a dead tone as the water runs, possibly from the next room? The male voice doesn't seem to realize that it's being recorded either as he sits up. Pale hands run through silver hair, eyes hidden by cloth. He looks like a mess, yet he keeps muttering the words under his breath, going off-key every now and then.]

Because I've been housing all this doubt and insecurity
And I've been locked inside that house.
All the while you hold the Key.
I've been dying to get out, and that might be the death of me.
And even though there's no way of knowing

[Riku's voice trails off, silent for long while before pulling out the earbuds from his ears with a sigh. The silence lasts a couple moments, before the feline decides that his lap is more comfy than the table. His eyes may not be visible, but the ways his mouth falls before he scratches his ears has to be telling.]

Get up, Kiryu. I have a report to write- ...You little sneak. [Yes, guess who just picked up the SFC and moved to shut it off before pausing.]

... For anyone who knew Joshua. ...He went home.

[The feed ends...|]

[ooc: And the tradition continues...]


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