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[Riku is silent for a long while before he speaks, giving an inaudible sigh as he attempts to control his temper. ...With what recently occurred, it is not an easy task.]

So I was finally able to leave that island, now clear of that ominous fog. I'm... sorry, for what happened, if any of you came across me while I was in that state. Especially since I promised myself and a good friend long ago...

[His voice trails, and he reaches up to remove the blindfold he's wearing. ...There is pain, like he saw this all once before, in those sea-green eyes.]

I won't pretend to know what happened to myself and many others up there, but... I do know one thing: As a member of the Defense Force, I should have done better in protecting all of you and controlling myself, and in this... I failed. My heart was weak because I was alone. If I hurt anyone in that state, I-

[And then all that apologetic nature drops from the face of the bubble to turn into pure outrage. This is something rather too close to home, and since he did just introduce himself as a member of the defense force... Doesn't he have the right to be angry? He feels that he does, and with all that's happened to him... this was all just a kick in the teeth he didn't need.]

I will never forgive those pulling our strings from behind the scenes. My heart's been tampered with enough as it is! I'm sick of it being some sort of play thing for others!

[Just the thought of almost hurting another person he's even vaguely close to...]

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Halloween... That time of year already, huh?

[His voice seems to hitch for a brief moment, but otherwise he doesn't really hint at anything else.]

How many of you celebrate it back in your own worlds?

[Locked to Aqua, Demyx, Kairi, Lea]

A lot of those from our Worlds have left recently. I just wanted to say- [He swallows hard.]

If I disappear next, there's a journal in my room. In it are reports on all that's happened both at home and here. Kairi, Aqua... You both especially deserve to know. As does Sora...


[Locked to Jacob, Mami]

Thanks for helping me to see the Light.


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