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[For a while, all that it looks like on the screen is static and... dog slobber? Gross, right? Well, then the audio cuts in to a faint growl of frustration before a pencil eraser is seen. Then- wait, that voice. ...Nah, it couldn't be, could it?]

Ugh, finally.

[There... is a wolf on your SFC screen, Vatheon. Some may recognize the voice, some may not. Either way, he looks a bit relieved that he finally got this thing to work as he collapses back on a couch that's just in view of the camera view.]

Sorry about that. It's... rather hard to work the SFC without hands. [Right. Get the apologies out of the way first, then get to work on recon. ...Heh, who'd have thought.]

Vatheon, I have a question for you but first... I need to explain something.

Yesterday the city decided to grace us with another curse. While it's to be expected, I didn't expect this at all.

Something... [He hesitates, shaking his head in disbelief.] -caused someone I normally consider a friend into someone ruled by their fears. Now, normally I'd try to reason with them myself, but when I did... something happened.

...Does anyone recognize this symbol? [Riku bends his neck down, retrieving something from the floor- a sheet of paper that's a bit covered in a paw print or two, along with a few scratches and cuts from his claws and teeth. But still... he did try to draw the blasted thing from memory with a pen in his mouth/ink on a claw depending on when the pen broke due to the pressure he put on it with his jaws. After ten seconds of holding it, it drops to the floor and he lowers his head, ears folding down. He's... a strange mixture of angered and worried.]

If any of you can tell me anything about it, or that strange, oppressing feeling that came with his presence, I'd appreciate it.


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