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[What am I supposed to do now?

He doesn't know when his perpetual black faded into sleep, nor when he fell back on his bed--or when he got soaked for that matter. What he did know was that when he awakened... he was soaked, and could smell saltwater. Not to mention he was on the ground somewhere.]

[Riku opens his eyes beneath the blindfold, regretting it a moment when the salt water began to make them sting. What he can subtly make out behind the cloth was that he was in a city of sorts, a few Hearts and shadow figures-meaning whole individuals-passing by... and was that a coral split into two? He shook his head, getting to his feet. Maybe it was time to get some answers, as well as dry off.

His hand immediately finds the SFC and after studying it along with drying off/out his blindfold and himself to the best of his ability if the towel over his head is anything to go by... he decides to make his presence known. The feed clicks.]

...Vatheon, huh. I don't suppose anyone would have any ideas as to why we are in the first place?

[Of course, the local who gave him a towel and a hair dryer for his blindfold had said nothing about why he was here. Rather, they changed the subject rather quickly. It irritated him, yes, but maybe someone else had the answers he desired.

Anyone wandering the plaza could quite well find him donning the black coat synonymous with the Organization and eyes hidden by a black blindfold to match, leaning against the wall of one of the many stores, examining the SFC and its functions as he gained his bearings.]


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